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Generate Innovation

What’s the link between leadership and innovation? How exactly do we put those two together? How do we lead in a way that generates innovation?

Whether companies are huge like Microsoft, small, mid-size, or a multi-national – we are all trying to achieve similar things in our own space, stay ahead or get ahead of the competition, and create growth. We do some pretty innovative things at Double-Take, but how are other companies generating innovation?

  • They’re Listening. In 2005, the CEO of Google (Eric Schmidt) said, “The cleverest ideas don’t come from leaders, but rather from the leaders listening and encouraging and kind of creating a discussion.”
  • They’re Opening Doors. Schmidt also encouraged executives to have an open door policy when it came to technology demonstrations. “You want to see every conceivable demo, no matter how wacky it is,” he told an audience at a 2005 IT expo. “People love that. They get a chance to present to someone important like you. All of a sudden the whole (corporate culture) becomes about leadership and innovation.”
  • They Know Customers’ Needs Before the Customers’ Even Know. MetLife chairman and CEO, C. Robert Henrikson, participated in a panel discussion about the link between leadership and innovation at Wharton School of Business. He said, “All parts of the organization must have a sense of the customers’ business to anticipate their needs and reach out with innovative ideas.”
  • They Have Fun. EMC’s India Center of Excellence holds “Bar Jams.” What is a Bar Jam? It is when you tell everyone to arrive at a bar at a certain time. Then drink and brainstorm ideas. They also have Radio Shows, Social Networks, Tea Times, Softball Tourneys, and Chinese Food at midnight.

These are just a few examples of generating innovation — something that all functions of an organization must do to stay ahead or get ahead of the competition, and create growth.

So here’s the kicker: What does Double-Take do to generate innovation? Use “Comments” to spotlight what makes us an innovative, fun, and COOL place to work.

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