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Easy Ways to Get Respect

Respect definitely takes some time to earn, but if you can consistently demonstrate behavior that deserves it, you’re on your way to being a respected leader. Here are some easy ways to earn respect:

  • Treat Each Person As If They are Your Top Priority

When you are engaged in a conversation, you need to focus on making the person feel as if they are your top priority. When you genuinely communicate that you value others, you are laying the foundation for a relationship built on trust and respect.

  • Be Predictable

People respect those who have proven that they can be counted on time & again when times are tough.

  • Lead With the Courage to Be Who You Are

When leaders have the courage to be who they are by projecting their strengths and improving their weaknesses, they inspire trust, confidence and respect.

  • Display Integrity in All that You Do

Respected leaders are able to praise positive reults, but also able to deliver bad news when it is needed. They don’t mince words or water down remarks. They rely upon integrity to communicate with honesty, compassion, sincerity and directness.

– Excerpts from the LeadStar Newsletter – October 2008
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