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Pop Quiz

What activity am I describing below?

  • It doesn’t really take that long.
  • It should be part of a regular routine, not something you only do twice a year.
  • Despite poor technique, just doing it can produce decent results.
  • Most people admit (and feel guilty) that they don’t do it as often as they should.
  • The benefits have been experienced by many and supported in research studies.
  • Everyone agrees it’s a good idea, and it’s not particularly painful if you do it regularly.

If you said flossing, then you are correct.
If you were thinking coaching… well you are correct, too!!

Managers are tasked with executing business strategies. Simply put: getting the work done. At the same time they are supposed to own talent management ā€” developing their staff for not only continued professional success and engagement, but also to fill the future talent needs of the organization.

Coaching of employees fits into this management agenda as a core discipline, just like flossing is part of dental hygiene. It’s part of the managers’ nuts-and-bolts, day-to-day activities ā€” or is it?

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