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Mentors Don’t Come From a Mold

What do you picture when you hear the word MENTOR? Perhaps someone older than you? Someone with more seniority? More knowledgeable in your field?

What about someone fresh out of college, full of creativity, fresh ideas, and exploring the latest in technology and innovation? What about a friend with a particular aptitude for building relationships and networking? Or a colleague known for a positive management style?

True mentors do not fit into any preconceived mold. They can be anyone who possesses a quality or skill that you would like to improve upon. They can be younger than you, much older, less experienced, more educated, or even working in a completely different field than your own.

Leaders are on a constant quest to improve upon themselves, and recognize that they can learn from a variety of individuals. Don’t be afraid to reach out and mentor someone with a different background from you, and don’t be surprised when you learn quite a bit from that person, as well.

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