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Your Mentoring Opportunity of a Lifetime

What most of us don’t realize when we get dressed for work every morning is that the office is a unique learning environment. There are always people around to learn from, experiences to gain insight and understanding from, and opportunity to learn from mistakes.

Another thing you may not think about is how much you can learn by watching public figures… sort of like long-distance mentoring. For example, look at Barack Obama (new US President) and Carol Bartz (new CEO of Yahoo):

  • both are entering their respective positions at a time of crisis;
  • both have multiple and diverse constituencies;
  • both are the focus of extremely high, often conflicting, sometimes impossible expectations; and
  • both are subject to substantial outside influences, circumstances and pressure.

These four points are what every leader faces — from the board room, to mom & pop shops, to the everyday Joe Parent. That’s why you are now faced with the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a look around… around the office, your home, your community… think of the 4 points above, and then watch the actions of Obama and Bartz over the coming year. Learn from their actions around these 4 points, and watch your leadership approach evolve.

Sources: Leadership Turn by Miki Saxon; Mentoring & Coaching in the Workplace at AllBusiness.com; Carol Bartz: No Time to Change Others on Forbes.com

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