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Webinar: Leading Talent in Challenging Times

Title: Leading Talent in Challenging Times

Overview: It’s imperative to know how to energize talent to give their best at a time when their confidence and commitment is wavering. With shrinking budgets and economic constraints, organizations who survive to outlive the economic downturn will be those who focus, invest and commit to developing their talent. As a leader of today’s and tomorrow’s talent, are you equipped with the skills to meet the challenges in this new economy? Can you help your organization turn the corner and win in the future? This webcast will provide strategies for managing and developing leaders who can help their companies stay in the game. Any leader trying to meet the challenges of these uncertain economic times won’t want to miss these timely insights.

Don’t miss these webcast take always:

  • Understand the types of challenges that will require different leadership
  • Engage your talent to passionately pursue the organization’s goals
  • Identify obstacles, advantages and the change needed in this new economy

  • When: multiple times March 4-6, 2009

    Presented by: Dolores Wilverding, Principle and Executive Consultant, The LEAP Group, Inc.

    Price: FREE

    Register: http://www.hci.org/hci/events_webcast.guid?_trainingID=2370#overview

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