If It Can Happen to Pluto…

OK, I’m going to show a little of my nerdiness here, but do you remember 2 years ago when the International Astronomical Union striped Pluto of its “planet” status? Most of you probably heard about it, many of you probably didn’t really care… but I urge you to consider this:

If change can happen to something as certain as a PLANET, it can certainly happen to us. And it does. Everyday.

Pluto’s reclassification changed the rules of the game, and organizational change can be like that too. There you were confident and comfortable with your boss, and now you must readjust and reorient to a new one with a different style, focus, and rules. Like it. Don’t like it. Regardless, get on board!

“Change is good. Everybody is doing it… Get on board!” — Will Anderson, Channel Marketing Manager, Double-Take Software

There there 3 things to know when change is afoot. First, when the rules change, it’s uncomfortable… but then you get used to it. Second, your future depends on letting go of the unease and moving forward with the times. Third, this is your growth spurt!

It might not be the growth you’d choose nor the timing you’d prefer, but it’s the perfect opportunity for you to use your talent to reinvent yourself, expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and contribute in new ways.

It’s challenging, unnerving… but exciting!

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