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The Leadership Communication Kit

I subscribe to RSS feeds for an unknown number of employee development and leadership blogs. It’s my connection to what’s going on in the field, who’s who, what’s changing, and what is staying the same because it’s tried and true.

During on of my quick scans thru the feeds, I found this Leadership Communication Kit from the All Things Workplace blog. I couldn’t have preached this any better:

Nothing Happens Until People Talk

How often have you heard someone in authority ask, “Hmm. Do you think I should tell them about this?” Well, only if you want something important to happen. Because nothing happens until people talk.

Add these four thoughts to your leadership communication kit:
  • Never assume that anyone knows anything.
  • The larger the group, the more attention needs to be given to communicating.
  • When left in the dark, people will fantasize their own reality. Do you want their fantasy to trump your reality?
  • Effective leaders are obsessed with accurate, frequent communication.

Go tell someone what you’ve been thinking about!

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