Engaging Leadership

Truly engaged employees are committed employees. To get yourself to become committed to an organization involves truly believing in what the organization’s purpose, what it’s doing, and the people who are leading it.

Getting commitment takes more than the employee making the choice to be loyal and committed. It involves YOU leading them to the choice of being committed and engaged. To maximize your chances of getting long-term commitment from your people during trying economic times, be real and use Engaging Leadership. Here’s how:

  1. Tell people what you want to accomplish.
  2. Tell them what led you to believe it’s important to them and to you.
  3. Tell them your own struggles along the way.
  4. Tell them how long you’ve been thinking about “it”.
  5. Tell them you are committed to it.
  6. Tell them your plan for helping them be able to do “it.”

Then, give people a reasonable amount of time to think about it, question it, be uncomfortable with the newness of it, begin to accept it, and then be involved with how it will be implemented.

Sources: Center for Creative Leadership, All Things Workplace Blog
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