Something to Chew On

Lesson: Make sure to look down for trap doors when running.
Photo Credit: Stock.Xchang Photos

In a “do more with less” environment, it’s easy to overlook “less important” details and race forward to get tasks checked off your list. Sometimes those “less important” things we tend to overlook are… our people.

Rather than a machine, we’ve got real people working hard to get our tasks accomplished and one of the most powerful mindsets a manager can have is that we work for the employees. A manager’s role is to break down barriers and creatively provide resources the employees need in order to truly “do more with less”.

Managers that forget this part of their role wonder why their employees aren’t excited about the latest project, aren’t producing as efficiently, and why they’re beginning to disengage from the company.

Don’t fall into the trap of “doing more with less” and forget that your real responsibility is making it possible for your folks to actually do more with less, and still feel pride in the work they’re accomplishing.

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