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Does Always Being “In Motion” = Productivity?

Steve Roesler posted an interesting question on the All Things Workplace blog yesterday:

Do we have to be seen as “in motion” at every moment in order to be considered alive, well and productive?



As a typical over-achiever, this is something I’ve always struggled with. I feel the pressure to always be doing something, always look busy, always have an impossible To-Do List, and always get it done looking fresh and unruffled… when really I’m a hot mess underneath the veneer.

Do you feel the pressure to live this way? Why do you think that is? Do we do it to ourselves? Is it your boss, company, significant other, or society in general that forces you to be constantly in motion in order to feel (look!) successful?

Those of you that ooze the “go-with-the-flow” mentality, whom I greatly admire with a twinge of envy, what are your views about the pressure to always look busy or in motion in order to appear successful? Do you feel productive? Do you buy into the “busy employees are hard-working employees” view from many in management? Do you disregard it? How do you avoid it, while still pleasing the boss/sig other?

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Stop Making Excuses

The Official ASTD Blog – Next-Gen Learning

This article from the American Society for Training and Develop highlights a problem in the training function that I have seen taking place many, many times in my short career.  Particularly in companies running on a lean workforce, excuses are abundant for skipping training events, down-playing the importance of performance coaching and improvement, and the misguided thinking around “We’ve been doing this for years just fine without training, so we don’t need it now.”

While this article is focused on learning professionals, I think everyone needs a healthy dose of “Stop Making Excuses and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone” sometimes. This applies not only to workplace learning, but your day-to-day job, as well.


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myLearning Coming Soon

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Social CRM: Shifting power and rapid burn | IT Leadership |

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Social CRM is changing the mindset of what CRM is all about.  Read more

Learning Opportunities Galore!

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Check out the learning opportunities page for new stuff happening in your area!  Updated often, so visit regularly!

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All Things Workplace: How To Be Coachable

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Cool Tools

MIMEA (Multimedia Interactive Modules for Education and Assessment) is a series of web-based video modules, interactive exercises, and assessment tools for language learners.

FREE RICE This innovative web-based game from the United Nations World Food Program allows students to build English vocabulary and work to end world hunger at the same time.

HOOEEY Hooeey is a free web application that records web browsing and allows links to be used later in a fun and productive way. Every link that is recorded can be tagged, commented on, and retrieved at any time.

REVISIONS This free Michigan State University resource allows students to collaborate on writing assignments. The tool can also be used for teacher and peer reviews.