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Does Always Being “In Motion” = Productivity?

Steve Roesler posted an interesting question on the All Things Workplace blog yesterday:

Do we have to be seen as “in motion” at every moment in order to be considered alive, well and productive?

Source: LegalJuice.com

Source: LegalJuice.com

As a typical over-achiever, this is something I’ve always struggled with. I feel the pressure to always be doing something, always look busy, always have an impossible To-Do List, and always get it done looking fresh and unruffled… when really I’m a hot mess underneath the veneer.

Do you feel the pressure to live this way? Why do you think that is? Do we do it to ourselves? Is it your boss, company, significant other, or society in general that forces you to be constantly in motion in order to feel (look!) successful?

Those of you that ooze the “go-with-the-flow” mentality, whom I greatly admire with a twinge of envy, what are your views about the pressure to always look busy or in motion in order to appear successful? Do you feel productive? Do you buy into the “busy employees are hard-working employees” view from many in management? Do you disregard it? How do you avoid it, while still pleasing the boss/sig other?

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