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A Coach is a Facilitator, Not Necessarily an Expert

We’re all experts at something right? But the minute you give your expert advice or opinion, especially in our social media society, someone comes along and gives their “professional” Twitter critique or “one-up” viewpoint in an online forum. We’ve all sat in a classroom or webinar and wondered, “What can this guy possibly teach me on managing people?”

Then there are those at work who are older than you are or who are more experienced and they say things like, “What could I possibly learn from my manager, she hasn’t been in the workforce long enough to teach me anything!”


Again, let’s look at what professional coaching is and isn’t.  Coaching, especially executive/business coaching is not about being spoon fed procedure or facts, or calisthenics to pump up your business acumen. It is about helping you as a leader come to your own conclusions. It is about getting you to ask yourself the necessary questions that will foster positive growth for you personally and professionally, and for the company.

Here’s a great article from Marshall Goldsmith’s Library titled, “It’s Not About The Coach.”

I recently heard Marshall give the concluding address at the Indiana SHRM conference and he was great!!   He will challenge your thought processes and assumptions, which is good if you are ready for that; like “feedforward” instead of “feedback”.  Be brave and try it.

Mr. Anderson

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